Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What are the advantages and disadvantages to having a multicultural society in the twenty-first century?

In 21th century, since worldwide connection is getting deeper and deeper, it is more and more important for people to be familiar with multicultural society. If a person wants to be successful in worldwide, he/she has to learn much about the culture differences because he/she will definitely meet people from many different cultures—especially if he/she is a businessman/~an. Based on this, I think, if a person is from a society of multicultural, he/she will has the advantage of knowing much about the culture diversity, and this will make it easier for him/her to succeed abroad. Another advantage of having a multicultural society is that the culture diversity can make the society more colorful and interesting, which in some way means more money can be made on the tourism. What’s more, culture diversity can also help people to know the world better and deeper.

The disadvantages are more obvious. It will bring many inconvenient to people’s lives. It cause the so called “culture gape”, which always brings misunderstandings and prevents people from getting along with each other. Culture differences or non-identity sometimes can even result in conflicts. It is harder for the government to control such a society.

Nevertheless, we should make the best of the advantages of the multicultural society and live a harmony life together.

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